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Business Studies Study Guides

The Department of Basic Education has had the pleasure of publishing its annual business study guides for the first time in the history of the country's education system, and that is a good move.

The Department of Basic Education has released the first series of Business Studies Study Guides for Garde 12 High School in South Africa. The comprehensive study guides are designed to prepare students for their first year of business studies at high school.
Mind The Gap is the first in a series of business studies study guides for grades 10, 11 and 12 of high school (pdf for staff).

These study guides were compiled by people who are aware of the hardships encountered by business studies students. There are examples that clearly explain the importance of having study guides that are in-line with the syllabus of the student.
This is the first in a series of business studies study guides for grades 10, 11 and 12 of high school (PDF for employees).

If you are reworking an entire chapter, the revision notes will help you revise it, and you have important points to remember. Here we have compiled a list of all important business studies guides for the 10th, 11th and 12th grades of the upper school. Here is the link for the study guides

Accompanying app
This is a comprehensive app to review the entire CAPS curriculum in a short time. It now offers the recent papers for CAPS students for school - based on the annual exam and also for business studies in high school.
Available as a PDF with free download, it features an easy-to-use interface so students can access it anytime, anywhere.

Skip the end of this article for the Comprehensive Notes section or use the search form at the bottom or simply search for study resources for the national exams. If you have difficulty understanding the teahcers, you can read the relevant chapters in the textbook study guide.

Don't ignore the material you don't understand in your classroom, seek help from those who understand it in the classroom or by using the app or hiring a tutor.
The review notes and short notes prepared by our experienced business teachers for the latest edition of the study guides (PDF available here).
These will help you to do better in the exam and help you prepare for your next business studies exam.
The audit notes and the short and key statements prepared for you by the experts in business studies in the last editions of the study guides.
These documents should serve as a guide and not replace the CAPS guidelines.
These documents were developed for Grade 12 students of high school according to the latest CAPS syllabus.
Don't forget to watch videos on youtube, which contain all the questions you tried and the answers to them.

CAPS curriculum compliancy
CAPS-compliant study guides, including the 12th grade study guide, were made easy with concise step-by-step explanations and language.
The study guide for the Business Studies subjects for the 12th grade will be facilitated by a short and gradual explanation of the language.
This working guide covers all the important information in the textbook and gives the learner a deep understanding of the work.
This page contains information to help grade 11 students prepare for the exam in Business studies grade 12.
It is concise and detail-oriented and helps you to obtain good grades and brilliant conceptual knowledge.

Revised Business Studies
Revised Business Studies for Grade 12 High School made easy, download the free business studies and make it easy by downloading the simple and grade 11 as PDF files.
The grade 12 business textbooks of the high school can be downloaded easily and free of charge.
The Business Studies PDF is available for free download via the matric study guides mobile app and can be read, downloaded and read as a PDF.
Each chapter is a brief summary of the business studies in the grade 12 economics books.
The 11th grade economics books can be downloaded as PDF files to make them easy to read and accessible. 

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